This is Azkaban the prison. If you break the law you will be sent here, where dementors guard the place. Bellatrix, Sirius Black, and other death eaters have escaped azkaban, so dementors will be all over the school looking for them.



        Outside of Azkaban                                                                                                                   

Outside of Azkaban: 


 Halls of Azkaban:



Cell # 1:


Kovu is a messed up girl. She is 16 and in Azkaban. She watched her parents get killed and tortured so she went after the person. She killed them Brutally and got caught. So now she just sits there.... waiting. She was in slytherin before she was locked up. She is loyal to the dark lord but hasn't said it out loud. She isn't violent but she just lost it that night. She is really pretty with black eyes and thick brown hair. She is slightly pale but not death white. She also just killed them and put here so she isn't sickly yet. Kovu isn't her real name but thats what she goes by. She won't tell anybody her real name, for protection purposes... She has a good sense of humor and will talk to just about anybody. She has a snake that she keeps with her at all times. Its name is siren.





Cell #2:



Justin is 18, and he just got out of school a year ago. He was about to get married to his fiance. He loved her a lot. Unfortunately, he got caught in the middle of a murder. The victim mistaked him for being the murdered of their wife. Justin got thrown in Azkaban for being accused of murdering another mortal with magic. Even his fiancee didn't believe he was inisint. His heart got broken , and he is barely over it. Although Justin is just a inisint young man, that is kind to everyone. Justin doesn't know the guard Ellie likes him, but he spends time talking to her.



Cell #3:



Cell #4




Cell #5:






Is in charge of the place. He will do anything to keep the prisoners in their cells. Loren will kill if he has to. No one knows his real age, but he is a strong and fierce wizard. His partner is a rottweiler, named Death.  Death will rip anything he can get his teeth into.



A buff 36 year old man. He will never let anybody out of Azkaban. He works hard and  stays up all night to guard cell number one. Kellen is in second in charge. Sorta weird.



Ellie is the guard that guards cell number two. She is 23 and in love with the prisoner. He doesn't feel anything for her though. She is determened, but isn't aloud to let out the younger man.



A rather young guard that patrols the outside of Azkaban. He is also a tough man to get past, if your going in or out. Emmett won't let you in unless Loren directs him to. He'd give his life for his job.


Season: Summer