Hey! It's Ice.


J-B(a.k.a Jaybird) was the founder of this website. Unfortunately, it was somewhat stolen from him by the one and only, me. I was selfish by slowly revoking his privileges from his own website that he made from scratch. I will be serving J-B's memory by remodeling this site, and making it even more fun than it was before.

Thank you J-B. I miss you.




When this website first started, there were many roleplayers. But there were a lot of people who stood out from the crowd, and made it a booming hit.

  •  E-She was a funny and well behaved role-player.
  • Luna-I never learned much about her...but she was so creative with all her fabulous ideas, and realistic writing!
  • Sam-Even if her character was young, she really knew how to draw in older players, and have a good time with out making everything so dramatic and lovey-dovey!
  • El-Though she was a member just for a short time...she really knew how to make people have fun with her roleplaying.
  • J-B-He was the most important roleplayer. He started the website, and loved to spice things up. He was great at keeping everything under control and on scedule. We miss him very much and hope he someday returns. :(
  •  Z-She was great at making boy characters...well...seem like guys! They all had sarcasm, but sure knows how to make you laugh and learn new things everyday. They'd been on this site from the start, ranging from Connor Riddle, to Alzir Slytherin, to Destery Adams.
  • Tessy-She was pretty new, but caught onto everything super fast. She was an excellent plotter, and makes everything seem so causal. She was great at making someone seem like their characters were truly in love. Her characters seemed to range in personality.
  • Brooke- She could write like a professional and her word choice was excellent. Her characters never chose the right or the left path, they always plow through the middle.
  • Fire(Alisha)-Alisha was of the most active members. She always came up with  things on the spot. She was hilarious with all of her sarcastic characters. She wouldn't settle for just fun. She needed to have a blast.

Season: Summer