Death Eaters

The chart of good and evil: 

 Good Middle Evil   
 Denali Jamison Sylvia
 Max Raven Heather
 Tessy Oliver (Dead)
 Avril Amy Suzanne
 Destery Vixie Bellatrix
 Zelia Saila  Elaina
 Juliet Violet Spencer
 Griffin Connor Eric
 Dawn Melissa 


 This is the Death Eater's Place. They plot nasty things here, and are veiled in evil. All of their follows make others suffer here. Voldemort is more kicked back in the movies, cuz he's making another battle to destroy Hogwarts and take control of the world.


The Head quarters/ meeting place

Sleeping Chamber


Voldemort(?) and Members of the Death Eaters:



Voldemort is the most cruel and evil person in the world, aside from his wife, Suzanne. He hasd 7 horcruxes. His name used to be Tom Marvolo Riddle which spells 'I am Lord Voldemort'. As long as he has his horcruxes he is immortal. Voldemort loves seeing people writhing in pain. Voldemort is a half-blood and he

 Suzanne Riddle:

 Suzanne Riddle is Voldemort's wife. She is a death eater. Suzanne Riddle used to be Suzanne Slytherin before she married Voldemort. Some of her childern still have her maiden name. Her childern are: Saila Slytherin, Connor Riddle. Suzanne used to be Voldemort's most faithful follower but since she married him, all the other death eaters follow her too. She has 7 horcruxes like her husband and Suzanne is cruel. She enjoys seeing people in pain and is one of the greatest witches in the world, next to Voldemort. She is very beautiful with black hair and glowing green eyes. She always wears heavy eyeliner and black cloths.

Bellatrix Lestrange:

Is an evil death eater. She set a werewolf on Lionel Jackson, and tortured Draco Malfoy. Has  daughters, who are Vilexia Lestrange and Sharona Lestrange still trying to recruit them evil, smart, and merciless. Will try to recruit anyone who is related to a death eater. Has frizzy black hair, with wild eyes. Has an evil laugh. Loves Lord Voldemort BUT KNOWS HE IS MARRIED!

Elaina Lexi:

Elaina Lexi is Headmaster Rosemary's sister. Also Heather's aunt. She is unmistakably dark and evil. Elaina has a plot, that she'd never tell anyone. But this has something to do that might ruin Heather's friends life's forever.



Season: Summer