Gryffendor people are daring and brave. They love to get into mischief. They are great leaders, and will be for many years to come.




                                        Gryffendor Common Room




Please remember:

1. Dont over do swearing. You will recieve a "half" warning if you do.

2.  Griffin and Vixie have been banned for two weeks. They may start roleplaying on April 17th. Please ignore any comments they make. If you don't, you too will be given a warning. The players characters may keep roleplaying though.


First Warning: Its just a warning.

Second Warning: You get banned for two weeks.

Third Warning: Your character gets deleted.



Girls Dorm:

Only girls are aloud here! Boys cant come in here or their house will lose 16 points!



Boys Dorm:

Only boys are aloud here! Girls cant come in here!



Members of Gryffendor:

Denali Hall:

Is in Gryffendor. Very faithful to many people. People tell her she has multi-personality-dis-order, but she doesn't. Doesn't care what most people say, unless their her BFF or boyfriend. Wont tell though. Best friends with Alisha Spinnet who got married to Luke Granger and now is Alisha Granger. Is also best friends with Erin. Loves listening to music and things like that. Can get really hyped up about lots of stuff that she likes. Childish but can be serous. Holds her anger in most of the time... Brown hair, blue eyes. Her old boyfriend, Lewis died not long ago. She is still thunder-struck by it but tries not to grief much. She now can have a horrible addutuide and will hit anyone if they ever talk about Lewis in a bad way, or anyones death. Her brother is Drew Hall, which is married to Isabella Potter.



Max is a Gryffendor boy. He has dyed black hair. He was Vixie's fiancee for a while until his ex girlfriend used the imperious curse to make him cheat on her. Vixie was too stubborn and didn't believe him, so she broke up with him. Max got super jealous and planned to kill Griffin, but ended up accepting the fact that she was over him. Vixie soon returned and wanted him again, but Max realized she was kind of a brat that tried to get everything she could. He left her for good and finally got over her. Max is a flirty boy that is devoided to his girlfriend. He never wants the same thing that happened with Vixie to happen with any other girl again. He has a hint of sour sarcasm when he's pissed. Which...he sort of has anger issues, but most of the time is a cool flirty and funny guy to hang with. He has a little cat that never grows up named Bow. Its a light brown tabby cat that has a pink collar and a bow attached to it. Its really cute. :3

Jamison Henderson:

Is in Gryffendor. I'm 17 years old and I can be very aggressive. I tend to sulk a lot and I venture into the forbidden forest a lot. I absolutely hate Juliet Tucker for personal reasons and can barely stand being in the same room with her. I have inky black hair, light blue eyes and I'm very strong and muscular.

Teresa Bradey:

Tess, or Teresa, is a 15 year old Gryffendor girl with a wild personality. She is a crazy chik who is out to rule the world. She is great with spells and magic. She is top of the class in potion, at least in her eyes. She loves to have fun and joke around. She is known to play tricks on others and is a teaser. She is fun to be around and is up for practically anything. She has a brother whom she loves very much, his name is Griffin. She has a pet Fennec fox named Kovu. She has long black hair with wild bangs. She has stormy blue eyes that show her emotion no matter how much she tries to hide it. She is on the market and up for grabs!

Avril Jamie Adams:


Avril Jamie Adams is a 16 year old girl in Gryffendor. Her brother is Destery Adams in Slytherin. Avril is really outgoing and she loves making friends. She will sit with random people and talk to them for no reason. Avril is really sweet, but she has a dark side too. That side usaully doesn't show though. She always speaks the plain truth and people are always stunned how well she can read people. Avril is super smart and somewhat sarcastic. She is looking for a boyfriend. Avril Jamie Adams has a orange cat named Suki.

Daniel "Rooster" Naginnah:

An up-beat Gryffendor boy who laughs for a living. He goes by Rooster and won't answer to anything else. Even Daniel. He got his nick-name because he laughs so much his mother told him he laughed more than a rooster which hadn't made sense to him at the time but he stuck to that name. He smiles a lot and his mood is never faltered by another person. He even has a happy out-look on things such as death. He's brave and friendly and rarely ever gets mad and there is always forgiveness in his eyes. He's the most caring guy you can find yet he doesn't even have a girlfriend. He'd like one though. He's always wearing his favorite hat. That's when he feels most lucky.

Season: Summer