Hospital Wing

This is the hospital wing. You come here if you need to be mended to. You can join as a staff on the sorting hat page.

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Hospital Wing:




Nurse Cure:

A 22 year old nurse who always wants to take care of students and others before she leaves. She also has a kind heart to the students and is always there to listen. But she can be quite stubborn at times and she is still learning herself. She now has an owl named Fly, a barn owl.

Nurse Joy :

Nurse joy is a beautiful and gentle nurse. She hates to see people get hurt. Has a cat named Slyvvia



Beaonca Canis Lupus:

Beaonca Canis Lupus is a 15 year old girl.Beaonca has long dark brown hair and pale tanish white skin in which she has some freckles though they aren't very visable.She has forest green eyes that have two rims around the pulps,one of brown the other of yellow which sometimes makes her gaze have an odd shimmer in them.In truth young Beaonca was a normal person who was cursed by a Witch and has the ability to become a wolf at will.Though she has no magic like witches or wizards she is a gifted healer and enjoys healing more than almost anything.Beaonca was excepted in the school because of her "curse" and the fact that a Witch did it to her.She has a Korat mixed cat named Boo and wishes to be the Nurses assistant and eventually a nurse herself.

Wolf form:



Nurses/assistents cats:

Slyvvia: Slyvvia is a sweet young kitten with blue eyes and a brownish black pelt. She belongs to Nurse Joy.




Season: Summer