This is where people in Hufflepuff will sleep and hang out. No one can enter if they are not in Hufflepuff. 


                    Hufflepuff common room:                  


Please remember:

1. Dont over do swearing. You will recieve a "half" warning if you do.

2.  Griffin and Vixie have been banned for two weeks. They may start roleplaying on April 17th. Please ignore any comments they make. If you don't, you too will be given a warning. The players characters may keep roleplaying though.


First Warning: Its just a warning.

Second Warning: You get banned for two weeks.

Third Warning: Your character gets deleted.




Girls Dorm:

Only Girls are aloud here! Boys cant come here or thier house will lose 16 points!

Boys Dorm:

Only Boys are aloud here! Girls cant come in or thier house will lose 16 points!



Members of Hufflepuff:

Oliver :

Oliver is a Hufflepuff. He likes girls a lot but only wants one girlfriend. Has met Voldemort a lot, and has a dark mark even though he's in hufflepuff.... Is a vampire but knows their is a way to get rid of it...


Raven has short, choppy black hair and blue eyes. She is rather shy but will stand up for someone if she needs to. Raven sometimes likes to make a scene but she'll usually stay to the corners. Raven is a hufflepuff


Season: Summer