Why does Loren get his own house?

Because he's a grumpy hott middle aged man. Does that answer your question?


Front yard; spiraling stepping stones, pond in the middle, lush grass



 Doorway: Glass door, flower pots on the porch. Swingy bench thing next to the two window cells.


 Everywhere else in the downstairs house: Living room, two white couches, and two coffee tables. Rich looking mantle near doorway into the room.   Kitchen, nicely ordered, beautiful island with stoves.  Den, two computers, a bigscreen with a huge nice comfy red couch... perfect for working.


 Loren's room:black folded king sized bed, bathroom connecting to it. Nothing else was in his room...

 Bathroom connecting...: a large bathroom with a shower, and a bath that were both lovely. The sinks were clean, and a walk in closet was connected to it.












Season: Summer