Ravenclaw. We are smart, and a tad bit strange. Don't get me wrong, being strange is a gift, not a curse. Whatever google and all those muggle providers don't have, we do. And its in our head!


             Ravenclaw common room:                         



Please remember:

1. Dont over do swearing. You will recieve a "half" warning if you do.

2.  Griffin and Vixie have been banned for two weeks. They may start roleplaying on April 17th. Please ignore any comments they make. If you don't, you too will be given a warning. The players characters may keep roleplaying though.


First Warning: Its just a warning.

Second Warning: You get banned for two weeks.

Third Warning: Your character gets deleted.




Girls Dorm:

Only girls are aloud here! Boys cant come in here or their house will lose 16 points!

Boys Dorm:

Only boys are aloud here! Girls cant come in here or their house will lose 16 points!


Members of Ravenclaw:

Brooke Winsor:

Is a very random girl. Is exceedingly outgoing and will talk to anyone if she feels like it. She herself is her own opposite and her personality varies from day to day. She is very physical and will randomly tackle people. If she was a guy, she'd prolly be like John Cena or Ricky Sapp in high school. She hair light red hair with streaks of color and has gray eyes with golden rings around her pupils. She's tall and has the curse of the curves. She makes a great friend with a sense of humor and enjoys conversation. She has a special attachment to predators of the wild and/or things that are vicious with a fierce personality. Would possibly like a boyfriend but has a too simple mind to reasonably care if she was searching for one or not. She is a Ravenclawer, and is turning fourteen.

Zev Ademaro:

Unique name? Yeah, he knows . . . Zev means wolf or deer. Ademaro means glorious in battle. He lives up to his name. He was raised with werewolves who taught him to fight. He himself is not a werewolf but that doesn't make him any more weak than any of them. He's fierce and does whatever he wants. He hasn't thought through if he's evil or not but, overall, he's nice to people. He has multi-colored eyes and paler skin. You can't really get tan if you run around in the moonlight, now can you? His hair is all shades of brown. He's tall and muscular. He's 16 and is in Ravenclaw.

Kirai Mitsukai Kuro:

Kirai is a gorgeous girl. She is practically mute. When she says something, it never is random. It is always something that means something. Something more then its true words. She likes to view herself as "silently suffering". Kirai has always felt pain deep inside. Around the age of three, she went on a plane with her parents. The plane crashed, and she only survived. After that, Kirai was put in many orphanages. She was never "claimed". Her whole life, she spent running away, getting caught, and then using magic to get out. That was a part no one understood. They would lock her up in cells, and she would always disappear without a trace. Until Kirai recently came to Hogwarts, she was never respected. Every orphanage she went to tried to change her name. Kirai meaning Hate. Mitsukai meaning Angel. And Kuro meaning Dark. Kirai loves to keep herself in books, laughing about its nonesense. How all the legends came off of the place she lived at. Kirai barely opens up, and when she does, its for a good reason.

Season: Summer