This is where graduated students will live. There are no more houses. Everyone must have a roomate though. Boys and girls can be roomates. People that were in one house can now be roomates with other people in any house. (The graduated students are just the active members.) There are no rules but keep it under control. If it gets out of control then there will be rules. P.S: Graduated students may still walk around the school and visit their own houses.

Here are the graduated students. If there are more students that graduate please notify Fire or Ice.

Graduated Slytherins: Heather, Destery, Zelia, and Vixie, Griffin, Dawn.

Graduated Gryffendors:Denali, and Erin.

Graduated Ravenclaws: Nobody.

Graduated Hufflepuffs: Raven and Oliver.

The roomates will be: Heather and Destery, Zelia and Carson, Vixie and Carter, Ryan and Denali, Jake and Erin, and Raven and Oliver. If you have a problem with the roomates please notify Fire or Ice (but if you know whats good for you you won't have any problems).



The stupidness of the people who still work at Hogwarts decided Destery was a nuisance to Heather(wtf?). So they put Heather and her adopted brother Kaname together in the same room. Yay. And yummyly(whaaa?) they put Avril and Destery together. Yipee. Lets all do the happy dance.



Common room for seniors- 


Destery Adams: 

 Destery Adams is a tall, lean boy with brown hair and warm brown eyes. He is usually quiet and thinking but he is very sarcastic and sometimes, loud. Destery is a Slytherin boy. He has no trouble coming up with something to argue about. Destery is a pure-blood but isn't really against muggle-borns. Destery is a born leader but is usually too shy to show it. He has an owl named George.

Heather Lexi: 


Heather is a strange girl. She thinks she has complete control of her wavering soul. She is super mysterious, her past, and her future. Shes horrible at trying to tell people what she wants, especially her love relationships. Heather was/is best friends with Kaname Kuren. He helps her get over Destery Adams, her boyfriend that got her pregnant. Heather loves Kaname as a friend, but knows theres something more.


Vixie is a sarcastic, sharp tongued girl. She has a bad attitude towards most people or things and always has a come-back. Vixie will not let anyone or anything get in her way and she's sorta a bitch. She pulls lots of pranks and is a rule breaker. She is in Slytherin. Vixie is brave and doesn't have many fears. On the outside she is a rude and mean chic but inside she can sometimes be loyal. Her mother is Bellatrix Lestrange. Although she is very much like Bellatriix sometimes, she does not approve of killing and hates her.

 Zelia :

  Zelia Sanchez is a tall, red-headed witch in Slytherin. She is very sarcastic and rude when people make her mad. Zelia Is not thin, But scrawny because she's anorexic and doesn't really eat. Zelia is in love with music, completely. She is looking for close friends and maybe a boyfriend


Is in Gryffendor. Very faithful to many people. People tell her she has multi-personality-dis-order, but she doesn't. Doesn't care what most people say, unless their her BFF or boyfriend. Wont tell though. Best friends with Alisha Spinnet who got married to Luke Granger and now is Alisha Granger. Is also best friends with Erin. Loves listening to music and things like that. Can get really hyped up about lots of stuff that she likes. Childish but can be serous. Holds her anger in most of the time... Brown hair, blue eyes. Her old boyfriend, Lewis died not long ago. She is still thunder-struck by it but tries not to grief much. She now can have a horrible addutuide and will hit anyone if they ever talk about Lewis in a bad way, or anyones death. Her brother is Drew Hall, which is married to Isabella Potter. Denali has a new boyfriend named Ryan, and hopes to get rid of her anger and sadness in a quick manner.


A thoughtful girl in Gryffendor. She is loyal and talkative. Her best friends are Denali and Elise. She hides behind a mask and only is herself around Denali and Elise. Erin had a hard life and she doesn't talk about her past. She is kinda weird and smiles a lot. Has a very small attention span and is ushally distracted. She is normally serious but around her friends she is like a child. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Has a cat.



Oliver is a Hufflepuff. He likes girls a lot but only wants one girlfriend. Has met Voldemort a lot, and has a dark mark even though he's in hufflepuff.... Is a vampire but knows their is a way to get rid of it...


Raven has short, choppy black hair and blue eyes. She is rather shy but will stand up for someone if she needs to. Raven sometimes likes to make a scene but she'll usually stay to the corners. Raven is a hufflepuff.

James Bradey:


 Griffin, or his real name is James Bradey, is a 17 year old Slytherin Boy. He is quiet and very protective of his sister. He is real cool to hang with if you know him but is scary to those he doesn't know. He is really advanced in his magic and is top in defense against the dark arts. He is rather sarcastic but real sensitive too. He is looking for a girlfriend at the moment. He has black short hair with a purple streak in the front. He has a German Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix named Diego. He has brown eyes and a lip ring. He is average height and is skinny but has lean muscles.

Avril Jamie Adams:


Avril Jamie Adams is a 16 year old girl in Gryffendor. Her brother is Destery Adams in Slytherin. Avril is really outgoing and she loves making friends. She will sit with random people and talk to them for no reason. Avril is really sweet, but she has a dark side too. That side usaully doesn't show though. She always speaks the plain truth and people are always stunned how well she can read people. Avril is super smart and somewhat sarcastic. She is looking for a boyfriend. Avril Jamie Adams has a orange cat named Suki.



A very pretty girl with glowing green eyes. She is fierce and quick with any type of knife. Dawn has a strange way of flipping her hair that usually can capture any guys imagination. Lots of people think she is insane, and may even be a vampire, but is really a sweet girl on the inside, with a tough attitude.

Kaname Kuran:

Kaname is shrouded in deathly mystery. He came to Hogwarts, not because he was a wizard, but something else. He is determined to turn everyone's fate around, and lead them to happiness. Kaname is strong, intelligent, and very handsome. He will do anything that is only to be right. Kaname doesn't belong to a house, but lives in the senior dorms instead. He was one of Heather's best friends for a long time, but lost her after she became a wizard, and is positive he can find his way back into her shallow, and cold heart.


Jamison, Eric, and Saila's dorm. :) have fun.


 Heather and Kaname's Dorm:

 Avril and Destery's dorm:




Vixie and Griffin's Dorm:


Dawn's Dorm:


 Erin's Dorm:


Zelia's Dorm:


 Raven and Oliver's Dorm:


Season: Summer