Slytherins. The mislead poor souls... they love to bully, and annoy people. Tricks are their specialties. But don't be fooled, some of these people are kind, and sweet. But very rarely. Their are many secrets held behind these portrait doors...enter if you dare...

                Slytherin common Room:                   

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Please make new characters. To some of the website members, it's getting boring with all old characters. So we ask at this time for each of our roleplay members to make at least one new character. 

Another note...

It would be fabulous if Z, T , and B could all actually roleplay with each other. Their characters barely even make contact with each other and it refrains some fun. So...get out there! 

Have a nice day!



Please remember:

1. Dont over do swearing. You will recieve a "half" warning if you do.

2.  Griffin and Vixie have been banned for two weeks. They may start roleplaying on April 17th. Please ignore any comments they make. If you don't, you too will be given a warning. The players characters may keep roleplaying though.


First Warning: Its just a warning.

Second Warning: You get banned for two weeks.

Third Warning: Your character gets deleted. 




Girls Dorm:

Only girls are aloud here! Boys cant come in here or thier house will lose 16 points!

Boys Dorm:

Only boys are aloud here! Girls cant come in here or thier house will lose 16 points!




Members of Slytherin:

 Amy Slytherin:

In Slytherin, only is in slytherin because her mother was Nicole Slytherin, who died. Voldemort had killed her because she was unfaithful to the deaths eaters. Has a sister named Alzir Slytherin that already graduated. Cousins with Connor Riddle. Likes to keep her true identiy to herself in fear of people not liking her. Has a boyfriend named Lionel and really likes him. Has lush black hair and green eyes. Is sweet, kind, a little crazy but not that bad.

Destery Adams:

    Destery Adams is a tall, lean boy with brown hair and warm brown eyes. He is usually quiet and thinking but he is very sarcastic and sometimes, loud. Destery is a Slytherin boy. He has no trouble coming up with something to argue about. Destery is a pure-blood but isn't really against muggle-borns. Destery is a born leader but is usually too shy to show it. He has an owl named George.


Zelia Sanchez is a tall, red-headed witch in Slytherin. She is very sarcastic and rude when people make her mad. Zelia Is not thin, But scrawny because she's anorexic and doesn't really eat. Zelia is in love with music, completely. She is looking for close friends and maybe a boyfriend.

Heather Lexi: 


Heather is a strange girl. She thinks she has complete control of her wavering soul. She is super mysterious, her past, and her future. Shes horrible at trying to tell people what she wants, especially her love relationships. Heather was/is best friends with Kaname Kuren. He helps her get over Destery Adams, her boyfriend that got her pregnant. Heather loves Kaname as a friend, but knows theres something more. 

Vilexia Lestrange:

Vixie is a sarcastic, sharp tongued girl. She has a bad attitude towards most people or things and always has a come-back. Vixie will not let anyone or anything get in her way and she's sorta a bitch. She pulls lots of pranks and is a rule breaker. She is in Slytherin. Vixie is brave and doesn't have many fears. On the outside she is a rude and mean bitch but inside she can sometimes be loyal. Most people would describe her as a slut. (Is currently dating Griffin.)

 Juliet Tucker:

Oh yes and I almost forgot. I'm looking for a boy-friend, but they must be patient because I'm very wary and have slight trust issues. 

 James Bradey:


 Griffin, or his real name is James Bradey, is a 17 year old Slytherin Boy. He is quiet and very protective of his sister. He is real cool to hang with if you know him but is scary to those he doesn't know. He is really advanced in his magic and is top in defense against the dark arts. He is rather sarcastic but real sensitive too. He is looking for a girlfriend at the moment. He has black short hair with a purple streak in the front. He has a German Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix named Diego. He has brown eyes and a lip ring. He is average height and is skinny but has lean muscles. (Currently dating Vixie.)

Saila Riddle:


Sailena Riddle is not the average girl in Slytherin. She may be sarcastic and mean, but she is usually quiet. Saila has always stood on the outside. She never really fit in with anything. She is the daughter of Voldemort and her twin sister is Sylvia. Saila has always felt there was a battle raging inside her. Like there was this 'dark flame', she can't control, always edging towards the side of darkness. Although she isn't a death eater yet, she isn't far from becoming one. Saila is usually great in battle but she does have her times of weakness. She doesn't put up with people who treat her wrong and she can be very violant at times. One word to describe her is stubborn. She is very opinionated and never fails to speak her mind. She is seventeen years old. Sailena is lonely and she always looks sad or depressed. She wishes she could have a boyfriend, but doubts if she will ever find someone who understands her. (Currently dating Jamison.)


A very pretty girl with glowing green eyes. She is fierce and quick with any type of knife. Dawn has a strange way of flipping her hair that usually can capture any guys imagination. Lots of people think she is insane, and may even be a vampire, but is really a sweet girl on the inside, with a tough attitude.

Sylvia Riddle:

Sylvia Riddle doesn't care much about emotions and those small things inside that matter most. She is daughter of Voldemort, and is proud of it. Sylvia has actually a very interesting personality. She will act like shes friends with a person she doesn't like, then betray them by either getting what she wants for her own need, or creating more death eaters. Sylvia believes she'll never fall in love. Sylvia has a cat named Blackthorn. He is a mean cat, that will kill anything smaller than him. Which isn't much since he's a tiny cat. Blackthorn is very strong willed. Sylvia has special powers, as in she is super strong, and if she tries hard enough, she can read minds. Syliva is obviously a vampire, feeding on her lovers. It wasn't The Dark Lord who killed her first boyfriend, it was her. She sucked the blood out of him until he died. People say she does that to every boyfriend she has. She is protective of her little sister(twin) Saila. She acts like she hates her, and she really does. But Sylvia doesn't want her to die in the hands of The Dark Lord. She wants to kill her with her own bare hands.(Currently dating Damion.)


 Violet Lovegood:


Violet has a very very very long story. She is reincarnated, and is now 14. She used to be 21. The Dark Lord tricked her. He said that he would let her and her husband Connor Riddle leave and spend their life together, if she would do a favor for him. Violet agreed, but unfortunately, Voldemort reincarnated her. Violet asked Nyx to give her, her memory. So she did. But Violet got a green emerald star on her forehead. She has three deaths, then she actually would die.

So far, she obtained two curses by dieing.

Number one, she had to do what people told her. If they told her to do jumping jacks, she had to do them. (the only thing that they CANT tell her to do, is to kill herself))

 Number two, she obtained by  being murdered by her own lover Connor. He stabbed a dagger through her back, and another through her heart. As she slowly died, she asked for another chance. Violet's second curse was she was never able to touch a mortal, or they would burn into ashes. (Wizards, vampyres, werewolves, ect.are not effected)


 Violet isn't the smartest kid in the world, but she has wits. She has her way with words. Violet's best friend Roxy died. She became very depressed, and wasn't in "lala land" all the time anymore. She is very sensitive. (Currently...dating? Connor?)



Eric is a death eater and will be on the side of darkness when the prophecy comes. He is good friends with Sylvia and gives the Dark Lord ideas. Eric comes from a broken family and is now out to get everyone. His past is very dark and nobody knows about it. He hates nice people and is very cruel himself. But if the right person came along he might change. He is seventeen and in Slytherin.



Damion is a sarcastic, rude guy who thinks he practically owns the world. Damion has black hair and grey eyes. He enjoys loud arguments and dueling. Damion is usually very obnoxious and ignores anyone he doesn't like.

Melissa Trickler:

Melissa Trickler is a crazy girl. Her nick name is "blue" and she loves it. She is a Slytherin girl but doesn't really act like it. She is really sweet but not bubbly. She can be a little devil but is really just kinda normal. She is easy to get along with but is by no means quiet. she is a perv an often looks for a second meaning in peoples words. She can corrupt just about anything. She is kind of random and is really crazy. Her past is nothing important. She is close to her mom and doesn't know her dad. She is looking. She has a cat that is a bitch... evil little cat. She is like a panther: slender, sleek, and deadly. She has medium blue hair and warm brown eyes. She is skinny with a small figure.

Kaname Kuran:

Kaname is shrouded in deathly mystery. He came to Hogwarts, not because he was a wizard, but something else. He is determined to turn everyone's fate around, and lead them to happiness. Kaname is strong, intelligent, and very handsome. He will do anything that is only to be right. Kaname doesn't belong to a house, but lives in the senior dorms instead. He was one of Heather's best friends for a long time, but lost her after she became a wizard, and is positive he can find his way back into her shallow, and cold heart.




Derrek is a death eater, and follows the way of The Dark Lord. He is plunged into darkness. Sylvia liked him from when he was a little boy. Saila, hated him. Derrek is a seductive, and demonic man. He loves to kill, but once loved, becomes soft.

Season: Summer